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We are governed by a management committee (board) who are passionate about enriching the lives of older Australians and people with disabilities.


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Jan Heslep has lived in the Southern Highlands for the past 5 years and is now retired. Her previous work history with health, research, project management, community development and cross-cultural training over 40 years means she brings a diverse range of skills to the BCD Management Committee. As the current President, Jan is working with the other Committee members to ensure that services offered to clients are reasonable in price, relevant to each person’s needs, and tailored to provide respite and social support to the person’s wider family. Jan and the Committee members recognise that excellent services require skilled staff, therefore, staff development and mentoring are ongoing priorities for BCD. Giving back to the community always requires people with energy, commitment and the ability to be part of a hard-
working team. Skilled people who would like to join BCD, either as staff or Committee members are always welcome to contact us.




Patrick Clark has been a member of the board since 2014 to present and had served as our Treasurer from 2014 –2017. Patrick is also a self employed Mortgage Broker who also works as a contractor to the Department of Veterans Affairs in transporting war veterans and widows to and from medical appointments. Prior to this Patrick worked for National Australia Bank, he holds a diploma in business and finance.




Jeramy has been working as Lead Practitioner for a Behaviour Support Service in NSW and A.C.T for 5 years. Simultaneously, he was also teaching online in Community Services, Mental Health and Disability in a secondary role, and supervised a team of practitioners delivering behaviour support to families and services across the state. Jeramy also trained all entry level staff in protective behaviours, positive behaviour support and restricted practices. Jeramy had the opportunity to present at two conferences related to restricted practices, and contribute to the 2015 Senate Inquiry into Institutionalized Abuse. Prior to this, Jeramy has experience working with homeless youth, within child protection and community development in Greater Western Sydney. Jeramy decided to move into tertiary education full-time late last year as a trainer and educator, and now teaches at 5 Vocational Institutions. Jeramy also sits as an Independent Member for a Restricted Practices Panel, and is a consortia member and behaviour consultant for restraint use for children in vehicles for NSW. Jeramy is working towards another qualification relating to Social Sciences and Community Services.


Angelina Pillay About


Angelina is a small business owner and founder of a religious organisation. With a Masters in Business Administration and almost 10 years’ experience working for the NSW government, Angelina brings her passion in improving efficiency and effectiveness of organisational operations.She has been on the Committee since 2017 and is currently serving as the Committee Treasurer.




Jackie Clark has been a member of the BCD Board since 2014 to present and had served as Vice President from 2014– 2017. Jackie works along with her husband Patrick Clark as a contractor to the Department of Veterans Affairs in transporting war veterans and widows to and from medical appointments. Prior to this Jackie has worked in the finance industry for several organisations, also running a family operated pre-school in the Macarthur district.

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